Set Your Mind on Things Above (Col 3:2)

Any battle is won first in your mind. What you set your mind on regularly, continually and habitually turns into a mindset. A mindset is your belief system or pattern of thinking that frames how you see the world, yourself and other people.

Did you know that for the believer in Christ, we can have either a works mindset or a grace mindset. A works mindset is rigid, fixed on proving your worth. And because one can never ever achieve worth through works, this mindset often causes one to feel defeated, victimized.

A grace mindset on the other hand is open to the love and blessings of God flowing in and through our lives. Because our worth is based purely on God’s unconditional love, we are free to grow, be transformed knowing that Christ earned our victory at Calvary and through His resurrection power we already have victory. This resurrection mindset can also be called a winning mindset and should cause each of us to be totally dependent on God. Our winning or success is not defined in terms of the world’s definition but on the will of God!

Sometimes I have to remind myself of who I really am and use the truth of God’s word to cultivate and nurture that winning mindset! Here’s a set of confessions that may help you as they have me.

Confessions of the Winning Mindset*

I am

A winner, not a whiner.
A victor, not a victim.
A champ, not a chump.
A fulfiller, not a failure.
A warrior, not a worrier.
A fighter, not a fretter.
Anointed, not anxious.
A praiser, not a complainer.
A complimenter, not a criticizer.
An overcomer, not a down and outer.
Powerful, not powerless.
Hopeful, not hopeless.
Optimistic, not pessimistic.
Full of faith, not full of fear.
Equipped, not a quitter.

And according to Eph 1:3-6,

I am

Blessed with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realm
Adopted into God’s family
Chosen in Christ to be holy and without blame, fault or blemish in Him
Accepted in the Beloved

May the love of God continually keep you and may you come to walk in your true identity in Christ.

Dr J

* Used by permission. (c) 2017 Dr. Jeanne Porter King