A Staple in the Community

Christ Community Church started out as a dream from God. As a pastor’s son, Carl King was devoted to serving in the church. Yet his early aspirations also included being a businessman. Married and a father of three young children, the young man served bi-vocationally as a business person and an assistant pastor of his father’s church in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago. Yet God had different plans.

Early one May morning in a dream, God showed Pastor King a vision of two buildings. One building represented “business” and the other represented the church. Minister Marilynn King, the now deceased wife of Pastor King, appeared in the dream and told the pastor that the building representing the business had to move back to allow the church to be in the prominent position. When asked why, she told her husband that nothing could be equal with the work of God. Elder Mack Carl King, Pastor’s father, then appeared and offered his assistance. Father and son then got on opposite sides of the building representing the business and pushed it back.

Each of these buildings represented the aspirations of the pastor; yet God was reprioritizing his goals. Upon moving the buildings, God showed the pastor another picture of a single mom and her son. This picture represented far too many families today which are fragmented and dysfunctional. Pastor King and this church are committed to addressing our societal ills by building strong families, communities, and economic stability through the liberating Word of God.

The church is still the only vehicle that has the ability to effectively war against the gates of hell and have victorious results. Therefore, our mission and vision entail connecting the spiritually disconnected to a vibrant relationship with a loving Savior, and seeing those lives transformed through the word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Lord led Pastor King to name the church he was to start, Christ Community Church. It was to be Christ’s church, extending the mission of Christ in today’s world, and it was to be a community based church—a place for the community inside the church! So Dr. King was faithful to the call and, by faith, with his wife, Marilynn, daughters, Marjalene “Trina”, Anna and son Carl II, planted a church, a community of faith.

Thus, on September 4, 1987 at 7:00 p.m., Christ Community Church held its first Bible study, inside Caroline Sibley Elementary School in Calumet City. Two months later on November 15, 1987, Bishop William Haven Bonner installed Elder Carl E. King, Sr., as pastor. As it grew, this would be one of eight different sites for this church.

Christ Community moved from Caroline Sibley Elementary School to Dirksen Middle School to Community Reform Church in Dolton to Eden’s Rock in Dolton to Berger-Vandenberg School in Dolton to Revival Center Outreach COGIC in Dolton to Ginger Ridge Community Center in Calumet City, to our present home in South Holland.

Christ Community has become a beacon of light in the community. Christ Community is home to over thirty ministries, for children, teens and adults; a School of Ministry for bible-based ministry training; and numerous community based programs aimed at transforming lives through the love of Jesus Christ.

Pointing back to the dream, and showing God’s faithfulness, in 1995, Elder Mack King, pastor’s father retired from pastoring St Stephen’s and he and Dr King’s mother, Mother Edith King, joined Christ Community church and have been faithfully serving there since.

After the death of his wife Min. Marilynn King, in 2012, Dr. Carl King was united in marriage to Dr. Jeanne Porter King, and she has joined him in pastoral ministry at Christ Community Church.