Teaches and empowers children with the word of God as well as provide space for them to fellowship one with another. We host age appropriate classes for children during Church School and children worship together in Children’s church (held concurrent to Morning worship), where they are led in age-appropriate worship and taught vital lessons.


Provides an opportunity for members to connect and build relationships with one another. Family Ministry meets every second Sunday in small groups, sharing meals and discussing the previous Sunday’s message. In addition, Family Ministry has become the “ministry that moves” and hosts a weekly walking club Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings.

Health and Wellness

Provides education and awareness around health issues that affect our communities, as well as provides resources and support in living a healthy lifestyle.


Empowers men through a Christ-Centered brotherhood relentlessly focused on restoring the hope and purpose God intended for our families, church, and community. The Men’s Ministry meets every first Saturday for a monthly prayer breakfast and discussion of real topics that real men face, as well as a series of ministry events throughout the year.


Strengthens and supports marriages through education and enrichment activities.

Mothers Board

Celebrates the seniors of CCC and to encourage them to become involved in various ministries of the church.

New Members Orientation

Facilitates bringing new members into Christ Community Church, orienting them to the church and its ministries, starting with Church School and Bible Study, and ensuring their successful integration into the ministries of the Christ Community.


Provides resources that help single Christians live life Christ’s way.

Young Adult

Connects with young adult Christians, helping them to apply and live out the word of God in the contemporary culture. The young adults meet regularly for fellowship and bible-based discussions, and hold periodic seminars and workshops for personal and professional development. During the summer, they are joined by our numerous college students home from college, yet staying connected to our community.

Youth (Teens)

Connects with the teens, helping them to understand the word of God and provide guidance for Christian living in the contemporary culture. We have a church school class for teens, which is interactive and encourages teens to both study, apply and share the Word of God. The Teen Ministry hosts a monthly Teen Night on the second Saturday of each month that includes basketball, volleyball, table games and pizza.


Aims to develop transformative women who make a difference in our homes, workplaces and neighborhoods. The Women’s Ministry hosts a quarterly teaching series, brunches, and outreach campaigns.

Other Ministry Groups