Augments the CCC grounds with flowers and landscaping.

Building and Grounds

Oversees and maintains the physical property of CCC.

Communication & Media

Manages the internal and external communication of CCC including maintaining our presence on social media.


Beautifies God’s House. Using our creative talents and resources, we adorn our sanctuary, as well as provide ornamentation and decorations for ministry events and special occasions.


Accurately records, tracks and reports all contributions and expenses; ensures timely deposits and withdrawals of God’s resources; certifies compliance with reporting requirements; determines methods to streamline the process and maximize the Church’s financial well-being.

Info Technology (IT)

Manages the information technology, equipment and software needed for CCC Ministries.

King Bookstore

Provides resources such as books, tapes and other materials that strengthen the Christian walk of Believers.

Banquet & Food Services

Maintains the health and safety of our kitchen, as well as provides loving, delicious meals for our members whenever we are able to serve. We are also the hosts of any repasts as well as other “food” related events that take place at Christ Community.

Personnel and Office Administration

Manages the staffing and personnel functions of CCC and provide the oversight to office administration.


Provides safe and reliable transportation to and from CCC. To schedule Sunday morning pickup, call the church office at 708.331.8389.