God’s Comprehensive Health Plan. Are You Covered?

pic of weight, apple, tape measure

Health care is a key issue these days. Many of us want to have good health but how many of us actually know what it takes to maintain good health? How can we actually follow God’s plan for our physical health? It can be hard. Many of us don’t really understand the direct relationship between biblical principles and our health.

Time to Fill Up Your Love Tank

pic of wedding rings

On Saturday, October 12, our Marriage Ministry presents… “Keeping Your Love Tank Full.” Have you ever jumped in your car only to realize your gas tank was on empty? You probably experienced a range of emotions from frustration, to irritation, to disappointment.

Diabetes/Heart Health Awareness Campaign


Christ Community Church’s Health Promotion and Diabetes Initiative Ministry in collaboration with Advocates for Community Wellness, a health promotion and disease prevention faith-based wellness ministry without walls, are working together to provide a community wide diabetes and heart disease awareness outreach and in reach program for individuals, family members and friends who are at high risk and people who are living with diabetes.

Fresh New Look

This summer, Christ Community Church underwent an identity overhaul to bring a more relevant and contemporary look to the tradition